Strengthening and Rehabilitation of the ankle in

ALL physiologic directions from one comfortable starting position.


The C.A.R.D. is the most complete ankle rehabilitation device constructed. Its revolutionary design allows users to rehabilitate, strengthen and retain functional capacity.  Most lower leg and foot injuries are either caused by muscular deficiencies and imbalances or will result in them.   The ability to address these deficiencies is an integral part of a comprehensive rehabilitation program.  The C.A.R.D provides the most effective, efficient way of rehabilitating the foot and ankle. 

Engineered with a thorough understanding of the anatomy and function of the ankle joint, subtalar joint, and related structures.  The C.A.R.D takes into account that axes of motion vary from person to person and change during movement.  Designed to be a free flowing device, providing resistance in all directions of motion without imposing an artificial fixed axis of motion, the C.A.R.D. is the most complete and physiologically correct ankle rehabilitation device available.